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Exclusive Leads That Will Help Grow Your Business

Would you like to get calls from interested prospects that are actively looking for your products and services without sharing that lead with your competitors? If the answer is "yes" then call us now for your free consultation. Find out what we can do to help your business get more business and make more money.

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Do You Need More Leads For Your Business To Grow But You're Concerned About Being Overcharged?

We don't blame you. Getting new business and turning a profit is the name of the game.  Our competitors commonly sell leads to multiple clients at the same time which greatly diminishes the value of the lead and the interaction with the prospect.  We only work with one client per field so every lead is exclusive to your business.  When your phone rings, they will be looking for you.  

100% Custom Campaigns: Built-from-scratch Google Adwords campaigns that are based on getting you the kinds of leads you want.

Predictable Projections: Before you spend a penny, we'll provide you with our Leads & Sales analysis based on your current close rate,  average revenue per sale and how many leads you would like to receive.

Accountability Reports: You'll get monthly reports with all the campaign details down to conversions, most popular ads and the most popular keywords that are making your phone ring.

Over 80% of customers "Google it" when looking to purchase a product or service.  We'll get your business in front of those actively searching customers above all SEO results!

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How Can We Help Your Business?

We work exclusively with small businesses in the San Antonio area. If you're curious about working with us, just give me a call at 210-920-0705 or fill out the form below to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me. - Scott McKay

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